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Join us at Diversity: The fabric of modern society

In our ever-diversifying societies, we are becoming more concerned with not only the lives that have come together but also the quality of life that groups of people are experiencing within communities.

As we become more aware of our needs as people and communities, both socially and economically, we have realised that all members of our communities need to be able to participate in society and have access to opportunities at all levels. From being apt job acquisition and access to services to connecting with family members and accessing personal interests, communities are enriched when all experience social inclusion. This essentially means that all people have the best opportunities to thrive in their personal lives and society, including being supported through personal crises and having opportunities for their voices to be heard. Communities practising social inclusion can evolve as a whole with no one being unjustly left out.This month we have invited experts and scholars from various industries and backgrounds to have a conversation about diversity and social inclusion. Each guest speaker will share their work, social projects and stories and shed light on how to promote this theme across different communities and groups. Our guest panel will touch on employment opportunities, general well-being and decision making during urban planning among migrants, disadvantaged youth groups, smart city dwellers and unprivileged women. We invite you to join us in having a conversation with our speakers and learn more about how we can all be a part of creating social inclusion and why it would benefit your community to do so.

Speaking on this important topic, is LLuz Restrepo , Founding Partner of Migrant Women in Business, together with Ben Vasilio, CEO Youth Projects, Dr Natalya Turkina, Vice Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Fellow at RMIT, Graduate School of Business and Law and Biheng Zhang, Director of Philanthropy at the Pollinate Group

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