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Konjo Mama

Konjo Mama is a growing social enterprise run by Caroline McLaren, based in Central Victoria.  Caroline draws upon her wealth of experience as an educator, mentor, fabulous cook and hospitality worker to promote education around food security and healthy eating. She also teaches and mentors young people who have a passion for cooking, and works to support migrant and refugee women in business.

The commercial face of Konjo Mama is a vibrant food truck and catering company specialising in Ethiopian cuisine. This is a family business, run by English-born Caroline, her Australian husband, Dean, and their adopted Ethiopian sons, Nate and Tensae.  Konjo Mama trades at markets and festivals, and caters for events both large and small!

When Caroline and Dean first met Nate and Tensae in Addis Ababa, almost two decades ago, they not only fell in love with their new sons but also with Ethiopia and Ethiopian Culture. Konjo Mama grew from a desire to celebrate Ethiopian cuisine and cultural diversity. It has been an exciting journey with the McLaren family contributing to many and varied projects through the business, including the building of a school in the remote Hudad area of Ethiopia.

For more information, visit her website.

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