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A TUK means “Beginning” in English. It is a Nuer word from South Sudan and Ethiopia. Nyibol chose it as the name for her business because she was starting a new life in a new country, and wanted to create something that would be there to support future generations. She wanted to acknowledge that all of the women in her community have abilities and talents and ideas, and to encourage them to know, that despite it being hard to find jobs and learning English as a second language, they could start something that could support themselves and their families. The name A TUK was chosen as a way of expressing that it is possible to start something new in life, also to show children that it is possible to overcome the difficulty by creating something new. A TUK also offers opportunities for women in the community to display and sell goods under the A TUK umbrella, as a way to empower women to develop their business ideas.

To know more about her business please follow her Instagram account @atuk_nyibol

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