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"Aunty does not speak for mothers, but provides a platform through interviewing, engagement, and cooking, by which mothers can share their realities and cultures for greater understanding of what it might mean to be a migrant mother." - Sarah May, AUNTY Co-Founder

AUNTY SPICES is a Business We Love!

AUNTY is a Melbourne-based social enterprise that connects food, culture, and storytelling to raise awareness of and profits for the social inclusion of migrant women in Australia. AUNTY believes that the best food comes from the people who make it every day for their families and their loved ones, and who bring rich cultural traditions from their homelands to Melbourne, changing practices over time to create something entirely unique and irreplaceable. They believe that as foodies of Melbourne, what matters almost as much as the food you eat is the story it tells and the stories it makes. When you cook and eat good food with friends at home, the experience remains at your dining table forever.

AUNTY connects communities through cultivating diverse food practices that represent Melbourne’s melting pot of cultures, diasporas, ethnicities, and cuisines. But they also believe that the heroes of the kitchen don’t always have the best pathways to access Melbourne’s wider communities. AUNTY is a proud supporter of a variety of not-for-profit and NGOs that work tirelessly to provide migrant mothers with courage, support, and access to community.

To find more about them visit their :website, Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin

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