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Billiano Designs

Billiano-designs is the Jewellery brand founded by Bilikis Gbadamosi.

In 2018, Bilikis arrived in Australia from Nigeria. As an immigrant, she started her business in Sydney, after 14 years creating women accessories in Africa. Her passion is designing jewellery pieces such as necklaces and earring that are individually and uniquely crafted using beads, gemstones and precious wire.

Bilikis wants to extend her cultural heritage around the world. She loves to make customised pieces of jewellery for custom order to complement different brands.

When it comes to beautiful jewellery,  Billiano necklaces are best known for their beautiful handmade beadwork. Bilikis affirms that for many women, wearing her beads provide confidence, beauty and balance, especially in a world that  dictates daily what a modern or beautiful woman should to look like.

Now, as a fashion design student, she is creating and sewing beautiful and colourful African style dresses.

Bilikis believes that a customer’s happiness is her best recognition! You can find her products on Instagram .

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