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Originally from Mexico, Fernanda Rodriguez came to Australia in 2018 after falling in love with the country on her student exchange. She studied a Bachelor of Industrial Design in Mexico, where she was introduced to working with materials including wood, plastic, and metal. Through this, Fernanda found a passion for creating and designing toys and crafts, which is why she established her business, Bot Workshop.

Bot Workshop was created in a year when we had to learn social distancing, create new routines and adapt to new lifestyles. Fernanda wanted to share little bot companions and let them become sources of joy, creativity, and friendship. Her wooden robots come in craft kits, ready to be customised and become whatever you want them to be.

Fernanda’s Bot Workshop collection currently includes fully assembled bots in her classic craft kits and in her newly-launched theme boxes. Recently, she also launched the newest version of the classic bot as a DIY kit, with which you will be able to assemble your own bot, as well as have fun customising it.

Fernanda designs her Bot Workshop products to encourage open-ended play while providing a cool, crafty activity that allows kids to be part of the process of making their own toy, which they can then play with for hours, using their imaginations to create stories and adventures. The products not only help kids develop creative, motor, and problem-solving skills, they are also a sustainable, long-lasting toy, completely handmade by Fernanda right here in Australia.

While kids love the bots, adults also find them irresistibly adorable and have lots of fun making their own companions! Bot Workshop aims to inspire everyone to rediscover play by enabling hands-on creativity and self-expression as they make Bot Workshop’s products their own.

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