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Casa Bonita Lifestyle

Casa Bonita Lifestyle celebrates contemporary designs merged with indigenous ancestral techniques inspired by the Andes and South American Heritage.

Casa Bonita – Lifestyle  is A Business We Love!

Casa Bonita Lifestyle is a social enterprise ethically empowering women and communities in Colombia and further afield. They help provide financial security to artisans and Indigenous communities 95% of whom are women, most are mothers and sole parents.

Their products are a cultural trip to Colombia and Latinoamérica, promoting and sharing the heritage through very unique designs. Their products aim to preserve and teach indigenous ancestral techniques, in a sustainable, ethically and respectful way.

Visit her online shop for more information, however you can also find them on Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin.

Casa Bonita – Lifesytle store: 80 Charles Street Seddon, VIC, Australia 3011

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