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Children of the Corn

Meet Rishna Gunness, Head Chef at A Pot of Courage, a popular not-for-profit Ballarat cafe, and her husband Tim, who helps Rishna manage her small business, Children of the Corn. (He is also a musician [klendathudrop], actor and support worker).

Rishna moved to Australia from Mauritius in 2009, fell in love with the Melbourne food scene, and decided to pursue becoming a chef. In her words, she was ‘born a chilli lover’, and has always experimented with ingredients from various cuisines. Making hot sauces as gifts for family and friends was something Rishna had never contemplated doing from a business perspective until she and Tim, realising their mutual love of tacos in particular, and food in general, established Children of the Corn together.

They are justifiably proud of their hot sauces and tacos, making everything from scratch, and staying seasonal and using locally sourced ingredients as much as possible. Rishna and Tim currently sell their Children of the Corn chilli oils, salsa, and tacos at farmers’ markets throughout Victoria, and via their store at the Made by Many Hands online marketplace.

Rishna is hugely grateful to everyone who has supported her on her hot sauce journey. Her business goal for Children of the Corn is to continue to grow customer awareness of and accessibility to her products so people across Australia can buy and enjoy her delicious hot sauces and tacos.

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