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Emerging Brand Africa

Arriving in Australia from Kenya in 2018, Kathy Jonathan quickly became aware of the lack of representation of African people across the Australian media. Kathy also found it challenging to locate products of African origin in the Australian marketplace: she knew they were there, she just didn’t know where.

To remedy these issues, and equipped with over 15 years of corporate experience in marketing and public relations, combined with a deep passion for African brands, Kathy founded her public relations and brand communication agency, Emerging Brand Africa (EmBA).

Emerging Brand Africa’s aim is to amplify the visibility of African brands and people in Australia via the strategic integration of cultures that represents the diversity of the Australian consumers. EmBA is an organisation that boldly and constantly evolves, and embraces technology to provide a media space for Africans and non-Africans to collaborate. It is a driving force behind changing the way African brands, business, and people are perceived, and is rebranding the African narrative by showcasing the stories, creativity, contributions and achievements of African Australians.

Emba has launched its online magazine,“packed with stories that will inspire, inform, and invite you to help rebrand the narrative of African Australians, both in Corporate and Business. [It features] resilient and inspiring African Australian women, on their journey of calling Australia home.” 

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