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My name is Laura Alicia.  I was born in Mexico City and came to Australia in 2014.  Allow me to share some of my personal story so that you can better understand how my business was founded.

My mother had an easy pregnancy and a text-book delivery.  Shortly after I was born, I experienced some medical complications which resulted in a hearing loss that would go undetected until I was 8 months old.  While my father was depressed by the prognosis, my mother tackled the problem by making sure I had the best education and access to two analogue hearing aids.  Despite the challenges, I thrived in this supportive environment, attended a main-stream school and learnt to lip read.  I went on to university and achieved a degree in Marketing.  In 2008 I made the decision to have a cochlear implant to improve my hearing.  This had a huge impact on my life.  It added colour to my life and gave me the confidence to travel and discover new countries and cultures.   In 2014 I fell in love with Melbourne, took up a role as an assistant photographer to learn the tools of my trade.  Photography is my passion, and I launched my business Fotografa AU in the same year.

Why Fotografa AU? For Latinos, the name is easy to remember.  I wanted people of different cultures to learn the word Fotografa, which means female photographer in Spanish. Fotografa AU started in 2014 and has expanded word by mouth.

My main line of work is food photography, but I also love taking professional portraiture, weddings, events, family photoshoots and real estate.

To know more about my business please visit my website

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