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KUTATA Interior Styling

Ericka Sejati first came to Australia from Indonesia in 2014 to study. Although she herself acknowledges the comfortable family home she grew up in, what Ericka was not able to do there was build a life following her own path. Here in Australia, she had the opportunity to start from scratch and, although it hasn’t always been smooth sailing, dreams that she has had since childhood have come true, and continue to do so.

KUTATA Interior Styling was founded in March 2020 by Ericka and her brother Reza Akbari, uniting Ericka’s experience in architectural engineering, product design, interior design, and interior decoration, with Reza’s background in civil engineering and business development.

As we spend more time in our living spaces and use them in new ways, lockdowns have brought us to a new appreciation of them. KUTATA Interior Styling offers a suite of virtual design services to create living spaces that manifest the reframed wants and needs of their clients.

KUTATA’s mission is to transform their clients’ spaces into liveable, vibrant, beautiful sanctuaries that convey their personalities and individuality. In addition to interior design and styling, KUTATA provides consulting services such as decluttering guidance, colour-use consults, and upcycling ideas.

For more information about Kutata Interior Styling and how they can transform your living space, please visit their website 

A portfolio of Kutata’s work can be viewed on Instagram

[At this time, Kutata’s in-person styling service is available in the Greater Melbourne Area only, and is subject to public health regulations.]

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