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Precycle Pantry

Hi! I am Caro, founder of Precycle Pantry, a Melbourne-based mobile zero-waste bulk shop that offers plastic-free and refillable pantry essentials delivered direct to your doorstep.

This venture, for me, means making a huge commitment towards waste reduction and sustainability. By opening my own mobile zero-waste bulk shop, I am holding myself accountable for my day-to-day choices and bringing this to others in my community.

I started Precycle Pantry out of my own interest to live a minimal waste lifestyle. I have always been interested in sustainable living but, with a busy lifestyle and a long commute to work, I found it hard to walk the talk.

Plastic-free shopping has always been something I have tried to achieve but, let’s be honest, it is not always that easy. I found myself tired of shopping at two or three different stores every week, lugging jars around in the boot of my car, and driving to visit bulk shops.

I wanted to solve my own problem and make plastic-free shopping convenient and easy for everyone, which is why I started working on this project.

I am a big believer that it’s with small steps that big changes can happen, and this is exactly what Precycle Pantry is all about. We want to invite people from all walks of life to say adiós to plastic in any capacity they can and help us with our mission: to make plastic-free shopping the new norm.

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