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The Bonafide Woman

My work is centralized around defining intelligence and challenging the
dominant narratives around intelligence.

Children and families are missing and playing catch-up because of what we
have been previously taught about intelligence. All children have strengths, and parents and childcare providers and services
have to explore, identify, nurture and develop these strengths into future
career options.
I am the founder of Intentional living. I am an author of the book Living The
Gift Out Loud, a speaker, coach, parent educator, and an advocate for
strength-based parenting and strength-based living.

My now-turned profession stemmed from a desperate mother seeking some
insight into understanding why her child presented with some strengths/ traits
that were barely tolerated in one environment that asked her to “tone” them
down to another environment that celebrated, and so them as foundations of a
professional athlete.

I empower parents to identify their strengths and use them in their parenting to
help their children identify theirs and leverage them and find niches that they
can live their best lives.

Our children are not empty vessels but come jam-packed with all the skills and
abilities they need for life, and it’s the parents” responsibility to help make
sense of gifts and talents and how to apply for help in their lives.
My workshops and keynotes are around what and how to look out for
strengths in children and the benefits of strength-based parenting and living
including how it builds strong self-identity, confidence, and resilience.
We promote positive well-being and reduce mental health issues like
depression, suicide, etc.

I am also the founder of The Bonafide Woman Mastermind were being
ambitious, highly driven and passionate, and multi-faceted is normalized. We
provide, business accountability, strategy, and a community that nurtures and
match their hunger for growth and results
Happy to chat more about my services and how I can service your audience.


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