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Pao Rojo, the creator of the brand Tiravioleta, arrived in Australia from Buenos Aires in 2010, accompanied by her husband and three young children.

‘We grow and learn every day. I believe that by using our unique skills and knowledge to do something we love, we inspire others through our passion.’ – Pao Rojo

The art of crochet has been part of Pao’s family for generations. Learning the techniques and skills of crocheting from her mother as a young girl, Pao’s love of the hand-made was born.

Pao had long been crocheting special items requested by friends, who encouraged her to begin selling her creations. Pao started Tiravioleta in 2014, and her products soon began to find a market online.

Initially, the product range centred on crocheted baskets and storage containers of all shapes and sizes, as well as purses and bags, made using either jute or cotton in a rainbow of glorious colours. Whilst these beautiful items are still very much part of Tiravioleta’s product portfolio, it has grown and evolved to now include a distinct line of pre-loved wooden chairs which Pao meticulously restores and then personalises using a traditional hand woven and dyed textile called aguayo, imported from Argentina. Most recently, Pao has added a line of bespoke hand-made steel benches and stools featuring upholstered seat cushions using vibrant fabrics.

‘Tiravioleta – unique and handmade with love’ – Pao Rojo

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