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Women in Contemporary Art

Women In Contemporary Art is a digital directory archiving selected works by female-identifying artists from around the world.

WICA is a long term project established by artist Zhu Ohmu, originally called Square Archive In 2013, an Instagram account registering both male and female artists. As the painful misrepresentation of women in the art became more evident to Zhu, she decided to take action and create a space where contemporary female expressions are amplified. especially focuses on showcasing emerging artists in order to support and give visibility to women during the early stages of their art career.

After years of commitment and organic growth, WICA is now evolving into a bigger digital dimension in the form of a website- an educational tool allowing further interactions and discovery with the global art audience.

For more information, check out their socials:

Founder and Director: Zhu Ohmu

Creative and Business Development support: Mariana Blanco


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