Supporting Migrant Women Entrepreneurs + Leaders

Migrant Women in Business is a nation-wide social enterprise that currently supports a network of more than 80 migrant and refugee women operating micro and nano-businesses.

With a lived-experience understanding of the challenges commonly faced by enterprising migrant women – how to begin navigating through unfamiliar Australian business and social systems with limited language, technical, and financial skills – Co-Founders Luz Restrepo and Corinne Kemp recognised an opportunity to foster and facilitate the successful creation and growth of migrant women’s businesses.

Avenues of support:

Invest + Support

A migrant woman with a nano or micro business contributes to the economic, social and cultural development of Australian society if she has confidence, support networks, time and capacity, access to high-quality education and commercial opportunities. An empowered migrant woman is an agent of change. Her potential is unlimited, and her impact unstoppable.

There are many ways to invest in, and support a migrant woman in business. Find out how here, or   Get in touch today and talk to us about how.

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We stand strong in our mission

In line with the UN Sustainable Development Goal 5: Achieving gender equality and empowering all women and girls. Our mission is to nurture the leadership and entrepreneurship of migrant women by creating an ecosystem of organisations and women business owners and leaders who learn and grow by supporting each other.

We have our sights on over 1,000 migrant women entrepreneurs to become community leaders and profitable business owners by 2023.