We nurture the leadership and entrepreneurship of migrant women

Migrant women are resilient and strong individuals who have a lot to contribute to Australia prosperity. They don’t need help, just the opportunity and support to develop their business idea. With a strong foundation in social issues, entrepreneurship and leadership, and a desire to make Australia a better place – we have developed a social enterprise that will make a big difference. Join us in creating pathways for migrant women to succeed in business.

We believe

Australia needs more migrant women in leadership positions. An empowered migrant woman can have an impressive impact in our economy and society, all she needs is the knowledge to navigate the Australian system and culture.

By giving the right opportunities and support to migrant women they can reach their financial independence and make their voices heard. The economic potential of their families and communities are boosted, as well as their sense of belonging.

An empowered migrant woman is an agent of change. Her potential is unlimited, and her impact unstoppable.

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We stand strong in our mission

Migrant women with permanent residence in Australia have one of the highest rates of unemployment in Australia. They lack representation and are not engaged in being part of the solution.

In line with the UN Sustainable Development Goal 5: Achieving gender equality and empowering all women and girls. Our mission is to nurture the leadership and entrepreneurship of migrant women, by building a network of organisations and migrant women leaders.

Our vision is for more migrant women to create successful businesses which in turn will lead to more meaningful jobs and strong leaders in our community.

As leaders aware of our role in the world, the values we bring to our work are: