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This International Women’s Day, the City of Melbourne, in partnership with Migrant Women in Business, hosts a Women, Culture and Business Fair.

The Women, Culture and Business Fair will showcase 40 businesses and will be actively promoted by the City of Melbourne via its website, e-newsletters, and a dedicated event information booklet.

The Migrant Women in Business network connects remarkable, talented creators, designers, and micro/nano-business owners. The Women, Culture and Business Fair is an exceptional opportunity to bring together these women and showcase their businesses, which range across categories that include, but are not limited to:

            Clothing & Accessories    *    Homewares & Lifestyle    *    Health & Beauty                

Sustainable Living    *    Kids & Babies    *    Food & Cooking    *    Services & Experiences

MWiB invites and encourages businesses and representatives across the fashion, beauty, wellness, and retail industries to attend, discover and learn at the Women, Culture, and Business Fair, and to support a migrant woman in business via professional partnership.

Migrant Women in Business (MWiB) events facilitate the connection between micro/nano business owners, provide opportunities to present their products and services, and foster the sharing of cultural stories and traditions.

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